My name is Bukola Ogunwale, popularly known as Coach B, I am a fitness entrepreneur with certification in health and fitness. My husband and I own a chain of fitness centres in Lagos Nigeria popularly called iFitness Gym and our flagship store is on Admiralty Way, Lekki.

As a trained forensic lawyer, I believe that proven systems work better than trial and error. I have come a long way in my fitness journey and I have discovered over time, proven systems of losing weight or gaining weight so as to have a healthy body mass index, looking beautiful and mastering mental and physical wellbeing.

I believe that our fitness journey should not only make us more beautiful, but should make us stronger. I believe that physical training if done in a certain way, impacts positively on mental stamina and emotional wellbeing.

I have designed online workouts that can be done in the comfort of your home or in the gym (if you have a home gym or an active gym subscription).  These workouts have yielded the most beautiful results for my clients all over the world and I invite you to Workout with Coach B for your own beautiful results.